When you purchase gift cards through RaiseRight, you can help support Project Knitwell while you shop. With 750+ brands to choose from, there is a brand for every household need or wish list.

You can purchase eGift cards or physical gift cards, which will be shipped directly to your home. Gift cards purchased through RaiseRight have no activation fees and they never expire.


How it works

You buy a gift card

You get the full value.

The brand gives back

No extra money comes
out of your pocket.

PK gets a donation

You can fundraise for PK simply by shopping the brands you love.

Step 1: Get your enrollment code

To sign up and connect your earnings to PK, you will be asked for Project Knitwell’s unique enrollment code. Please email us for the code.


Step 2: Sign up at RaiseRight

1. Complete the quick sign-up form at RaiseRight.com/enroll

2. Select “Join a Program”

3. Enter Project Knitwell’s unique enrollment code to connect your earnings to PK

4. Complete the fields to create your account


Step 3: Purchase your gift cards

Choose from brands like Amazon, Target, Panera, Walmart, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, and hundreds more. You can purchase an eGift card or have a physical gift card mailed to you.

Please note that while RaiseRight does not charge you extra to make a donation to Project Knitwell, they do charge a small transaction fee when you complete your purchase.