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Knitting as a Novel Skill

Learning a new skill, like knitting, can help us maintain the health of our brain. The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) focuses on brain health underlying people’s ability to think and reason as they age, including aspects of memory, perception, and judgment. They recently published a report entitled How to Sustain Brain Healthy Behaviors, which emphasizes the importance of trying new novel activities to stimulate your brain. One of the benefits of knitting is that there is always...

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Featured Research

Project Knitwell and nurses at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital research the impact of knitting on compassion fatigue in Oncology nurses. Read more >

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Working with your hands makes you feel good…. we now know that the creative making process can be specifically harnessed to promote healing biologically, neurologically, behaviorally, and socially…. which has the power to transform people’s lives.

Betsan Corkhill

Clinically trained physiotherapist & pioneer in field of therapeutic knitting, Founder of Stitchlinks