Knitwell in the Cloud

Knitwell in the Cloud

Project Knitwell invites you to join Knitwell in the Cloud, an instructional program offering private, one-on-one knitting lessons via Google Meet. It’s a safe, effective way to learn how to knit.

Who is this for?
Beginner knitters and those who already know how to knit but need help with a project. Knitwell in the Cloud is for those who are affiliated with one of our program sites. Contact us if you are affiliated with a hospital or community site and would like to offer this program service to your population.

If you are under 18 years of age, permission from your parent or guardian is required to participate. Please contact us at for more information.

How long are the sessions?
45–60 minutes. You will have up to 4 lessons with your instructor.

What equipment do you need to participate?
A smartphone or tablet (iPad, etc.) and the free Google Meet app downloaded on the device you will use.

Do you need to get your own supplies?
No — Project Knitwell will provide you with a knitting materials kit.

Please complete the registration form and then we’ll be in touch to match you with a volunteer instructor. We’re excited to have you join us!



Project Knitwell knitting instructors are very experienced volunteers who dedicate their time to teaching KIC students online. They are trained in our fine tuned instructional methods using specific supplies we feel will help you be as successful as possible.

By submitting an application, you agree to be matched with a volunteer PK instructor as soon as possible, and we will use the address you provide to send you a supply kit. We agree to provide the best experience possible, and in order to accomplish this we hope you will agree to the following:

  • I agree I will let my assigned PK Instructor know as soon as I receive my supply kit, so that I can schedule my knitting sessions, or if I need to postpone the start of my lessons.


  • I agree to read the guidelines and arrange my technology setup ahead of time. If I have any questions I will not hesitate to ask my PK instructor before the first meeting via email.


  • I agree to respond to emails from my PK instructor and inform them of any conflicts in my schedule or notify them if I need to discontinue the lessons for a period of time or permanently.


  • I agree to complete a survey assessment of the program to help PK continue to improve.

The comforting rhythmic and repetitive motions of knitting bring a sense of calm and mindful awareness. The contentment of watching fabric form is magical. I thank Project Knitwell for bringing the love of knitting into my life at the time I needed it. I definitely plan to keep on knitting.

B.C., a student at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts

Knitting has been very therapeutic. It’s satisfying watching something come together after working on it for a while.

V.E., a nurse at MGUH