Project Knitwell is happy to begin a new partnership with PRS Recovery, a behavioral health day program for adults with serious mental illness. Clients will have an opportunity to join our knitting circle as they progress toward the goals they have outlined in their individual recovery plans. Knitting is a form of self expression and a creative coping skill. After our pilot visit in November, one of the clients spent the rest of the day working on their knitting project! We look forward to expanding this mental health program with sessions every Wednesday starting February 1.

Welcoming newcomers from Afghanistan to Project Knitwell’s partnership program with Catholic Charities was established in Arlington in 2021, and given the success of that program, we are now working with groups in Woodbridge, Virginia as well. It is always a joy to see what is created from the new yarns our dedicated volunteers share with the eager participants.
We celebrate a recent patient at Inova Schar Cancer Institute we taught to knit who was doubly happy to share her first projects with her grandson and his bunny. This adorable matching scarf set represents how knitting for comfort can bring joy to both the recipient and the creator. Also, her beautiful long mitts showcase the power of color!