The foundation of Project Knitwell’s mission is “Knitting with a Purpose: Wellness, Comfort and Community.” These three pillars structure our work. Through these three core principles, we build an infrastructure that supports the overall well-being of those we serve. This architecture is built into our mission and everything we do.

WELLNESS – Knitting is a proven wellness tool to prevent mental health challenges and reduce overall stress. Just as we nourish ourselves by preparing healthy foods in the kitchen to feed our bodies, knitting nourishes our self-efficacy and feeds our mental well-being. Using knitting as a preventative tool helps us feel calm when faced with challenges.

COMFORT – Knitting soothes those facing stressful situations. Providing solace in times of critical stress, at the bedside of a patient for instance, is crucial to our mission. Giving yourself permission to knit while resting in your comfortable living room is an important step to wellness. Learning something new brings unexpected strength and distraction from stressful situations.

COMMUNITY – Knitting builds a community of support where individuals share a common goal. The top floor of the house is a layer of protection that supports the roof. Knitting creates a community where traditions pass down through generations. There are affinity groups that support each other while sharing their work, creating charity knitting projects, or participating in group knit alongs.

At Project Knitwell, we invite all of our participants and volunteers to each of these rooms within our house. They provide so much warmth and our walls have so many stories to tell. As you build your life blueprint, we hope that you will integrate knitting as part of your wellness foundation. How have you built your “home”…which rooms bring you the most comfort? How do you fulfill your wellness goals and connect with your community?