Project Knitwell is a nonprofit organization that helps people facing challenges by providing knitting instruction and shared community opportunities that promote wellness and resilience. We partner with hospitals, schools, community organizations, and other groups to provide knitting instruction and quality materials in an inclusive and supportive environment.

Do you have experience in leading a nonprofit organization and managing a team of staff and volunteers? Are you passionate about knitting and its benefits for wellness? If so, you might be the ideal candidate for the position of Executive Director at Project Knitwell.


Executive Director Job Description:

The Executive Director is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of Project Knitwell and advancing its mission. They oversee the organization’s operations, communications, and fiscal management. The position reports directly to the Board President.

Responsibilities include:


  • Implementing Project Knitwell’s programs and services according to goals and guidelines approved by the Board of Directors.
  • Allocating and monitoring human and financial resources to ensure that the operations of the organization are effective and efficient.
  • Coordinating the documentation and reporting of data and other evidence of outcomes and impact of Project Knitwell’s programs and services (including on-site and virtual program partners, volunteers, and participants).


  • Build relationships and establish mechanisms for scheduling, allocating resources, and documenting on-site PK activities with administrators of partner organizations and volunteers to ensure efficiency of service and program excellence (to include regularly scheduled site visits for purposes of observation and documentation).
  • Assume similar responsibilities as above for developing, implementing and evaluating virtual programs.
  • Develop and carry out remedial actions for any identified issues.
  • Identify and assist with evaluating opportunities for expansion of services.


  • Hire (with Board approval), supervise, collaborate with, and evaluate other PK staff (e.g. Volunteer Coordinator and Administrative Assistant) and contractors in support of the organization’s operations and communications functions.
  • Work with Volunteer Coordinator to (1) ensure that program delivery is consistent with Project Knitwell’s mission; (2) promote active and broad participation by volunteers in all areas of the organization’s work; and (3) encourage and provide opportunities for staff and volunteer development and education.
  • Assist with the development of job descriptions for paid staff /contractors as needed.


  • Review and approve contracts for services.
  • Identify and evaluate suppliers for materials and services.
  • Conduct procurement and manage supplies.


  • Enhance Project Knitwell’s image by being active and visible in the community.
  • Publicize Project Knitwell’s activities, programs and goals including active participation on social media sites.
  • Promote Project Knitwell as a leader in therapeutic knitting and promote knitting as a wellness tool.
  • Serve (in addition to Board members and invited volunteers) as a Project Knitwell spokesperson to the organization’s constituents, the media, and the general public. Specifically,
    • Manage all aspects of communications—including website, press, and social
    • Communicate regularly and effectively with the Board to provide all
      information necessary to ensure that the Board makes timely and
      appropriate decisions regarding the operations and mission of the
    • Represent Project Knitwell to agencies, organizations, and the general public
      to strengthen its profile.
    • Manage and oversee the distribution of Project Knitwell’s marketing
    • Publish and communicate Project Knitwell’s program results with an
      emphasis on the successes of the local program as a model for the success
      of offering knitting as a wellness tool.
    • Prepare a monthly newsletter and annual report.
    • Attend quarterly board meetings and prepare a written and verbal report for
      the meeting.


  • Working with Board to ensure all policies and legal requirements are fulfilled.


  • Providing fiscal management to ensure the fiscal integrity of Project Knitwell. Specifically,
    • Maintain and comply with Financial Procedures and sound financial practices
    • Prepare an annual budget for Board approval.
    • Operate within the approved budget, ensure maximum resource utilization,
      and maintain the organization in a positive financial position.
    • Prepare and submit to the Board (with the Board Treasurer) quarterly financial
      statements, which accurately reflect the financial condition of the


  • Assist the Board with identifying operations-related financial needs sufficient to support current and projected programs and services.

Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.


  • Undergraduate degree
  • Non-profit management experience
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently
  • Experience setting and achieving strategic objectives
  • Ability to set and manage budgets
  • Strong marketing and public relations experience
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work with diverse groups of people
  • Familiarity with the concept and practice of creative engagement, including knitting as a wellness tool
  • Positive attitude, creative, mission-driven, self-directed
  • Live in the metro DC area


  • Part-time contracted position 24 hours/week. There are no employment benefits.
  • Salary commensurate with experience. Maximum salary is $40,000/annually.
  • Work-from-home position with periodic visits to program sites and events within the DC metro area.


Please submit your application online. Email us at with any questions.