The Giving Season has begun! This season of gratitude draws us to think about how we can help those facing stressful situations find wellness, comfort, and community through knitting. Project Knitwell continues to expand our reach and receive more national recognition, through participation at Vogue Knitting Live and the National Organization for Arts in Health. We look forward to continuing to share our mission and expand on research related to knitting for wellness.

We have some exciting new connections focused on developing an Introduction to Knitting for Wellness program to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue amongst nurses, doctors, and teachers. We are also focused on developing opportunities for students pursuing these professions to learn how to knit as a lifelong wellness tool.

A new connection at the University of Delaware, where this month we helped connect more than 30 nursing students with knitting for wellness, shared with us:

“The best part, I think, was the connection students were able to make between knitting and its potential to offer peace of mind; that there is research that supports its importance in stressful times. That’s a gift that will stay with them. My favorite quote from a student was “Knitting is so much better than scrolling. I’ve been spending a lot less time on my phone.”

We hope you will join us in supporting the many hospital patients, caregivers, teens facing mental health challenges, recently incarcerated individuals, Afghan refugees, and others learning the healing power of knitting. Join us in bringing more visibility to knitting as a wellness tool and develop plans for research to prove the benefits scientifically!


There are many ways to contribute to our mission and every bit counts for an organization like ours to make a difference.

In this season of giving, here are four ways to give to Project Knitwell’s mission:

Facebook Match

Double your donation! Meta/Facebook is matching all gifts given on Tuesday, November 30th. Help us be a part of this generosity by donating via the PK Facebook page.

Gift Fair

Purchase a PK alternative gift through the 23rd Annual Alternative Gift Fair from November 21 – January 3.

Donate to PK

Donate directly to our End of Year Campaign now to celebrate this season of giving —

Giving Tuesday Partners

Shop at our Giving Tuesday partner shops on November 30:

Fibre Space in Alexandria, VA will donate 20% of your Giving Tuesday purchase to Project Knitwell

Wool & Honey in Cedar, MI will donate 50% of your Giving Tuesday purchase to Project Knitwell

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