Northern Vermont is a definite change from DC — the cooler temps and profusion of green hillsides bring a natural calm to everyday life. But folks here have had to adjust just as we have in the cities — co-op markets are limited to 4 people at a time, restaurants are small anyway so many have closed, masks hide the bearded faces of most men, and berry picking requires strict social distancing rules.
Porch knitting

One constant touchstone is the little front porch for knitting — I hear bull frogs in the pond and chirping in the surrounding trees. During this unusual Covid time I find myself struggling a bit to find a balance between the desire for challenge — something new and different — and the pull towards comfort and the familiar.

My knitting choices reflect this tug-of-war within myself. Should I attempt a complex pattern that requires focus and helps distract me from the stresses and tough parts of the summer? Or, should I go with a simple pattern that I know will turn out — knit one, purl one — and welcome the relaxation that comes with that repetitive click of the needles?

I decided on a compromise — a new pattern that’s not too challenging and recommended by a colleague and fellow Volunteer at Project Knitwell. I’ve seen the finished product and I have faith that it will turn out fine. Guess what the colorway is called? “Vermont!”
Susan Snell

Susan Snell

Project Knitwell Volunteer

Susan is a retired psychotherapist in the Northern Virginia area, now spending much of her time as a Project Knitwell Volunteer and Board Member.