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“Working with your hands makes you feel good…. we now know that the creative making process can be specifically harnessed to promote healing biologically, neurologically, behaviorally, and socially…. which has the power to transform people’s lives.”

Betsan Corkhill

Clinically trained physiotherapist, founder of Stitchlinks, and pioneer in field of therapeutic knitting

For more about knitting and wellness, including a list of research studies about the health benefits of knitting:

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Summer Knitting and Cherishing a Memory about a Wool Sweater

After our inaugural blog piece about knitting during Covid-19, I suggested “summer knitting” as a topic because, after all, it is July. However, I didn’t realize we would be weathering a 19-day marathon heat wave of over 90 degrees. I am talking about it being so hot...

Knitting my Way Through Covid

By Diana Solymossy What would I do without my Coronavirus-quarantine-knitting? It’s keeping me sane! I love feeling productive, and the rhythmic click-click-click of knitting is soothing. Some of the first things that I knit were these Coronavirus stress balls. I...

Programs on Hold

On March 13, 2020, Project Knitwell placed a hold on therapeutic knitting sessions in observance of the public health recommendations designed to decrease the spread of coronavirus. We will be contacting our volunteers and partners when this status changes.