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Making Lemonade

I know, I know … this COVID time is weird. It’s strange. It can be boring. It can be tense, frustrating, scary.I’m usually an optimist (my blood type is even B-positive, LOL), so I am finding ways to enjoy my pandemic shut-in time. The best way I can illustrate this...

Escaping to Vermont

Northern Vermont is a definite change from DC — the cooler temps and profusion of green hillsides bring a natural calm to everyday life. But folks here have had to adjust just as we have in the cities — co-op markets are limited to 4 people at a time, restaurants are...

Knitting my Way Through Covid

By Diana Solymossy What would I do without my Coronavirus-quarantine-knitting? It’s keeping me sane! I love feeling productive, and the rhythmic click-click-click of knitting is soothing. Some of the first things that I knit were these Coronavirus stress balls. I...

Programs on Hold

On March 13, 2020, Project Knitwell placed a hold on therapeutic knitting sessions in observance of the public health recommendations designed to decrease the spread of coronavirus. We will be contacting our volunteers and partners when this status changes.

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“The knitting program has been wonderful for both patients and family members.  Socially, it gives the family members something to do.  Often many of the moms won’t leave their room, but they will for a knitting class.  Many friendships have been forged because of this program.  It connects them to a community.  Even patients who speak different languages have learned to knit – there is no language barrier.  It is good to see patients in bed knitting and enjoying themselves.”

MGUH Child Life Specialist.