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Writers Who Knit

I am thrilled to announce a very special Project Knitwell virtual event and hope you can join us! On June 12, we will welcome Ann Hood, Caroline Leavitt, and Elinor Lipman to discuss the healing power of knitting. These three award-winning authors are long-time...

Helping Nurses Relieve Stress During Pandemic

Knitting is a proven wellness tool Washington, D.C. — When the pandemic hit, Project Knitwell (PK) pivoted to teaching knitting via Zoom, and has brought this helpful wellness tool to nurses around the region. Through its innovative Knitwell in the Cloud program,...

Flexing Like Gumby

So now we’re all on something like Day 5,823 of the pandemic. OK, so it only feels like it’s been forever. Reflecting on my pandemic life, I realized that flexibility is really important and helping in coping with our odd new realities. Some examples in our house: No...

Knitwell Knits Back

Early in the pandemic one of our volunteers, Debbie Heller, came up with the idea to knit for our program sites and provide knitted gifts during the holiday season, so Knitwell Knits Back was launched and it sure DELIVERED! More than 186 knitted hats were donated to N...

Making Lemonade

I know, I know … this COVID time is weird. It’s strange. It can be boring. It can be tense, frustrating, scary.I’m usually an optimist (my blood type is even B-positive, LOL), so I am finding ways to enjoy my pandemic shut-in time. The best way I can illustrate this...

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“The knitting program has been wonderful for both patients and family members.  Socially, it gives the family members something to do.  Often many of the moms won’t leave their room, but they will for a knitting class.  Many friendships have been forged because of this program.  It connects them to a community.  Even patients who speak different languages have learned to knit – there is no language barrier.  It is good to see patients in bed knitting and enjoying themselves.”

MGUH Child Life Specialist.