“I worked with a cancer patient who came to a class for new knitters seeming tired and despondent.  She left with a totally different countenance, and dragging was replaced by energy and light.  She seemed to enjoy spending time absorbed in something she could control and feel good about, and when she came to the next class, she entered with a smile and her cowl half complete.” — Barb, Project Knitwell volunteer

“One of our elderly clients told us her blood pressure has gone down since she started knitting with us.”  Irene, Project Knitwell volunteer.

“I worked on (this baby hat) at 1 am today when I couldn’t sleep.  It helped.”  — Emelia, antepartum patient.

“I will always be grateful to you for teaching me to knit and helping me get through my days of bed rest and the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit). Thanks!”
       ~ Rosa, mother of twin boys

“I knit at night when I wake up and am worried, and I feel better after a while.”
       ~ Tracy, mother of a pediatric cancer patient

“It’s so nice to meet other knitters at the hospital.”
       ~ Jan, Pediatric Oncology nurse

“I have been knitting scarves like crazy! I would like to learn to make beanies, booties, and so on. I need to learn to become more advanced!”
       ~ Darian, teen transplant patient

“I am so proud of myself for making something for my baby!”
       ~ Dosette, mother of premature infant

“The weekly knitting group is the highlight of my week!”
       ~ Anonymous, parent in NICU